Languages of Love You Must Know

Has anyone ever heard the language of love? Or have you ever filled in online quizzes about the types of love languages ​​do we love? Gary Chapman developed this theory after being a marriage counselor for more than 30 years. The language of love is not only intended for couples but also children. He wrote in his book “The Five Love Languages of Children,” which he wrote with Ross Campbell.

Words of Affirmation

Someone who has the language of love will be pleased if given words of flattery, support, and other words that make him feel valued or loved. Chapman, in his book, explains that “In communicating love, words are powerful!”.


This language of love is usually the most widely owned by women. Gifts can be a symbol of love, so gifts become one of the expressions ​​of love. Check out tips and tricks when we will fill the emotional tank of someone who has the language of love gifts

Act of Service

Chapman, in his book, wrote that when we become parents, then we turn into “Full-Time Service” for our children. Likewise, with a wife who must serve her husband. However, serving can be very tiring and even a burden.

Physical Touch

Physical touch is a language of love that can be done quickly. According to Chapman, a common physical contact is kissing and hugging. However, there are many ways to fill the tank of someone who has this love language but not with amsterdam escort girls or something like this.

Quality time

Someone who has the language of love is very appreciative of time together. For them, the familiar moment together is a form of love. This is why many terms explain that quantity will be defeated by quality because the frequency of time will be wasted if it is not filled with quality.