Types of Flirting

Flirting literally means flirty or flirting. Now, this is considered as a tempting attitude to attract the attention of the opposite sex when making a decision. To find out if someone is flirting with you, see how they behave and talk, you can even learn that with an amsterdam escort. Each person has a different tactic in doing it. Now, want to know how your flirting style is?

Hall examines the relationship between verbal and nonverbal flirting behavior. Hall and the team observed 51 couples who did not know each other, and they claimed that their way of flirting was in accordance with the questionnaire Hall had previously shared. Then they are placed in a room with a comfortable sofa and interact for 10-12 minutes. The couple is also given several cards that explain a little about the other person so that the conversation can go well. Their interactions were also recorded by the team.

Hall divides the style of flirting into physical flirting, traditional flirting (sincere flirting), sincere flirting (plain / sincere flirting style), polite flirting (polite flirting style), and playful flirting, but we will have part 1 about physical and traditional flirting first.

“One important thing to remember is that flirting is an extension of your feelings for someone – something that is not easy to prevent,” Hall said. “When expressing yourself to someone you like, your verbal and nonverbal behavior will reflect attraction, by smiling, laughing, or teasing him, to explain how you feel about that person.”

KU researchers note that people with sincere flirt style – who show an interest in self-disclosure and give full attention – are very attentive and do not look nervous in short conversations. “Women in this style laugh more and smile more, showing more conversations that contain a sign of interest – blushing.”

 Men who have a traditional style of a flirt (believe that men must be active, and women are passive) are more likely to explore interactions and take an open body posture. Whereas women, being polite and shy, by grasping or showing hands and gently teasing their interlocutors.