Whenever there’s an inch or more of snow on the floor you’ve got an opportunity to turn your lawn into a remote control monster truck event centre jet-vac.

There is no need for this snow to simply lie there and go to waste. Layout a monster truck rally program, and turn your lawn into a locality RC playground. Lay it out on paper (draw out a blueprint). Dream a full-scale four-wheel contest trail, and scale it down to radio control model dimensions.

The one thing that restricts your pleasure here is the creativity. Let it go mad with this undertaking. Offer your children, and yourself, a joy.

Pile the snow to tall mounds, and generate a hill-climbing occasion. Make the sides of your slopes steep enough to present your trucks a challenge while they climb into the surface. Flatten the surface of your slopes into mesas big enough to move the trucks once they negotiate the scale.

Construct inline ramps, split but confronting each other, for skipping events. Ensure that you vertical these ramps far enough aside to work out your remote control monster truck driving abilities. If they are close enough that the hop is a simple one, where is the fun in that?

Mold a lineup of side-by-side automobiles from the snow to get a devastating competition. You are going to need your snow automobiles challenging enough they don’t easily crumble together with the initial impacts of their truck tires since they climb onto the barrier line.